The Elsie Paris Friendship Award


The Elsie Paris Friendship Award was established in 1996 to honor Elsie Paris for her dedication and unselfish


cissa guapa

Elsie Paris Award 2016 Cissa Fleming

friendship to the members of the GTFWC.  Since then, each year the Spring Luncheon Committee selects a recipient who goes out of her way to help others and to make the GTFWC a better organization.

Award Recipients

Elsie Paris                  (1996)

Amy Andreasen         (1997)

Kathy Lohmann         (1997)

Karen Mayne               (1997)

Frances Sowers         (1998)

Helen Crawford         (1999)

Mary Nelle Connelly   (2000)

Bettianne Gordon        (2001)

Pat Webb                    (2002)

Anne Clough             (2003)

Sandra Rousseau      (2004)

Sally Long  and Freddy Meindl               (2005)

Susan Gimmestad     (2006)

Karin Baldzer              (2007)

Chris Powers              (2008)

Pat Olson                   (2009)

Sue Cross                    (2010)

Gay Dull   and Ellie Kohler*                   (2011)

Jan Gaylord               (2012)

Sara Moore and Dianne Enslow            (2013)

Lynne Wepfer            (2014)

Ann Donaldson        (2015)

Cissa Fleming    (2016)

* Award presented posthumously