Georgia Tech Faculty Women’s Club Scholarship Program

The GTFWC Scholarship Program is pleased to award scholarships to deserving GT undergraduates who have a parent or guardian employed by Georgia Tech – the children of our Georgia Tech “family”.

To date, 158 scholarships have been awarded—totaling $136,050 over 26 years.

In the earliest years, GTFWC members generated funds through yard sales and bake sales, and through these efforts established the GTFWC Endowment Fund. At first, scholarships in the amount of $1000 were awarded. Thanks to the continued generosity of club members, the award grew to $1500, then in 2017-18 to $2000. For the academic year 2018-19, up to five scholarships of $2000 each will once again be awarded. In August of 2018,  the Foundation will transfer the scholarship funds to the GT Financial Aid Office for disbursement to recipients for GT expenses: tuition, fees, books, and/or room and board.

Guidelines for Selection of Recipients:

  • 1. The Scholarship Committee will award up to five qualified students scholarships of $2000 each  for the 2018-19 academic year. Applicants must be a current GT undergraduate student and have completed at least one full semester at GT.
  • 2. The applicant’s parent or guardian must be a permanent employee of Georgia Tech or an organization recognized as an affiliated organization by the GT Office of Legal Affairs and Risk Management.
  • 3. The applicant must complete and sign the application form.
  • 4. The applicant must have an overall 2.75 GPA or above. The applicant must submit an official GT transcript (electronic OR paper). Official ELECTRONIC transcripts must be issued directly to the Scholarship Chair from the Registrar’s Office; forwarded transcripts will not be accepted. Official PAPER transcripts must be in the original, sealed envelope from the Registrar’s Office; opened or photocopied transcripts will not be accepted.
  • 5. Applicants must write a three-paragraph essay (1-2 pages total) that describes the following: their academic studies and plans for the future, their interests and activities in the Georgia Tech community and beyond, and why financial assistance is important to them.

Important: Essay, Official Transcript, and Signed Application must be received by February 2, 2018. 

Download the 2018 GTFWC Scholarship Application

Information on donating to the GTFWC Scholarship Fund
Information on donating to the GTWFC Scholarship Fund as a Memorial

For additional information or questions, please contact the current GTFWC Scholarship Acting Chair: Carol Griffin. E-mail


The Scholarship Winners who received awards for the 2017-18 academic year:

Hannah Geil, a second-year Biomedical Engineering major, is passionate about heart health and someday wants to work alongside physicians in surgery to handle the mapping of the heart. She serves as an upperclassman advisor for the Emerging Leaders program, is a member of the BME Journalism Club, and works at the CRC.

Hannah Geil

Daniel Gurevich, a first-year student dual-majoring in Physics and Industrial and Systems Engineering, wants to apply his diverse skills and knowledge to solve medicine’s most pressing problems. Outside of academics, his main passion is chess. He is the only International Master of Chess in the history of Georgia Tech.

Daniel Gurevich

Reed Morrisa Mechanical Engineering major, has a co-op position in software engineering at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. He volunteers at the Invention Studio, where he pursues his love for designing, building, and prototyping. He is also an active member of Baptist College Ministries. Reed is a second-time recipient of the GTFWC scholarship.
Reed Morris - 2017-18
Samantha Torres majors in Biochemistry with a concentration in Pre-Health Studies. She has worked in undergraduate research in a biomedical engineering lab as well as an analytical chemistry lab. Her volunteer work with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta connects her to her aspirations for a career within pediatric medicine.
 Samantha Torres
Katie (Margaret) Tokos (not pictured), a second-year biology major, is driven by the desire to solve environmental challenges that affect our world today. She would like to start her career as a scientist and then work her way into policy-making to address sustainability problems. Her activities include ORGT and Habitat for Humanity.

Katie (Margaret) Tokos