Flagship Events

In addition to our monthly service activity and interest group meetings, we host three major events. In September we welcome old and new friends to the club at our Open House. At the end of the fall semester we celebrate with our members at the Winter Wine and Cheese. The culmination of our activity calendar is the Spring Luncheon traditionally held at the Ansley Club in Midtown. Here we provide our members one more opportunity to enjoy fun and camaraderie.

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Highlights from a particularly memorable past Spring Luncheon:

In case you missed seeing this masterpiece or would enjoy seeing again, please enjoy!
Below is the link to play: “Downton Abbey Comes to Georgia Tech” written by Sandra Rousseau and performed by:
Sandra Rousseau, Michaelle Arkin, LeShelle May, Amy Andreasen, Olga Kotlyar, Jeannie Lightsey,  Karen Mayne and Carol Griffin at the GTFWC’s Annual Spring Luncheon at Ansley Golf Club on Wednesday, April 19, 2017.


Downton Abbey Performance.mp4